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Kalenis, Integrating LIMS & ERP

Kalenis LIMS & ERP is an open source solution designed in an integral way with the aim of supporting all laboratory processes, prioritizing the integrity, traceability and accessibility of information.

Briefly, we could define LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) as a system designed to support the processes of a modern laboratory. Among its basic functionalities we could mention: samples Management and traceability, planning, results generation, results verification, electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), results reports, among others.

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software designed to manage all the processes of a company, across diverse areas such as inventory management, financial accounting, among others. Tryton offers all these features as well as a modular, scalable and secure development platform, making it the ideal ecosystem for the development of Kalenis LIMS & ERP.

The integration of these functionalities allows us to consider each organization as a whole, which is why each process is integrated with the next, ensuring a linked workflow. This conception centralizes the information of all the departments in real time, reducing error margins and delays of maintaining non-standardized or manual interactions between them.

Kalenis LIMS & ERP emerges as a fork of the Occhiolino / GNU LIMS project, started by the NGO GNU Solidario during November 2013.

After more than a year of having left that NGO, Sebastián Marró who officiated as technical leader of the development of Occhiolino, is faced with the need for a framework that allows him to continue the progress of the solution and decides to found the Kalenis project, considering that its potential offers great added value both to the Open Source community and to potential users.

For those who do not belong to the scope of the Open Source, we could say that a fork occurs when a development team takes an existing piece of software and, respecting the original licensing, continues the project independently by adding differential factors.

Last but not least, we would like to highlight those who in their different roles have collaborated to make Kalenis LIMS & ERP a reality, especially Adrián Bernardi, Mario Puntín, Favio Dutria and CIATI, a pioneer in the implementation of Kalenis LIMS & ERP.


Sebastián Marró, Ignacio Parszyk